Survive (Psy Remix)

by FreedomAndForgiven

Released 2014
Released 2014
FreedomAndForgiven has been named by many as "The Clockwork Orange of the music world".
FreedomAndForgiven has a very unique sound that mixes, and spans several different genres mixing Progressive, and Rock styles with Flamenco, and Romance Classical.

This unique mix has earned FreedomAndForgiven recognition as one of the top 100 unsigned Progressive Electronica producers in the U.S.A., been voted #17 out of the top 25 underground & unsigned guitarists, and dubbed a Flamenco prodigy.

Some of the descriptions, and comments people have used to describe the sounds of FreedomAndForgiven:

"If your music was a movie it'd be A Clockwork Orange!"

"FreedomAndForgiven is the mutant child of Delirium, Marty Friedman, Tchiakovsky, and Paco De Lucia."

"FreedomAndForgiven is A Clockwork Orange of the music world."

"FreedomAndForgiven brings a new life to amazing suites."

"He brings well known, and amazing classical music to a new age."

"F&F is a mad conductor when it comes too productions."

FreedomAndForgiven is an Progressive outfit based out of Ofallon, Missouri. FreedomAndForgiven pushes the term of Progressive to new levels, and combines all of them. The sound of FreedomAndForgiven is truly unique. Ranging from vocal trance songs with heavy metal guitar riffs to chill out with flamenco guitars FreedomAndForgiven also pushes its live shows to the edge with strobing LED, laser lights, and fog filled rooms. FreedomAndForgiven not only puts on a show you will never forget, but also plays the music at the show that will take you to a new level.

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