Okay been sick like crazy. back, and forth between the hospital and just laying in bed. I actually was feeling bad enough that I fell asleep during the Super Bowl, but from what I understand I didn't miss to much. Things are pretty busy working on new tracks, working on my flamenco a lot, and working on the Christmas album. I will drop a little secret about the new album in the works. There will be a couple chill remix bonus tracks on the album. Which will be remixes of tracks on the new album. They are going to be more based around acoustic guitars, pads, and pianos. Though some will have drums to them. Some of them will have a flamenco groove to them. For those of you who haven't been following FreedomAndForgiven that long my true passion in life is flamenco guitar. I love the sound, and feel of flamenco. It is also an amazing style of guitar to play which takes a lot of discipline, and technical studying. I am very busy with working on flamenco music, new FreedomAndForgiven tracks, the Christmas album which Social Sniper will be collabing with me on. I am also trying to get stuff together for moving because I will be moving in May. Which it is always fun moving because of all the gear I have for my home studio, and finding room for it all. On top of all the normal household stuff. Though one good thing about this move is I will not have neighbors real close on each side of me to I will be able to do stuff a lot louder without worrying about getting people made or worse of all getting the cops called on my for noise lol. I am not sure when I will be doing some more shows just yet because so much material is being worked on right now. I am thinking at the latest June or July then gig out the entire summer. It is kind of hard doing shows in the winter especially when doing dance music. At least in this area because of the weather, and the metal and rap scene are explosive around here. It sucks when doing dance music and you get stuck doing a set with a couple metal bands or rappers because the majority a lot of their fans hate electronic music. So it has made for some awkward moments at shows. There are not a lot of clubs in the area that cater to electronic music in the area, and there are very few electronic artists in the area except for some DJ's that actually play live. I have had the pleasure of sharing the bill with a couple of these other groups. Buxom Space Fish, and Spiral Shaped Mind have been a couple cool groups to jam with.
      Starting hopefully this week if I do not feel totally like crud recording some video blogs to post on things besides the normal regular blogs. Some will be on inside stuff going on with FreedomAndForgiven, and others will be on more important topics of things going on or dealing with certain issues. I am stoked about doing these, and sharing a lot of information with everyone. I want to give more of a face, and voice to FreedomAndForgiven so you see more then just at the shows, or read blogs. Give everyone a more real experience, and view of what FreedomAndForgiven is and about.

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