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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO. - A St. Charles County couple in mourning is now dealing with even more sadness: someone smashed up a special memorial in their front yard within the O'Fallon Hills Subdivision. It's a lawn ornament of two angels playing on a seesaw. When Nick Britt and his wife found out it shattered, their hearts were broken, too.

The Britts are raising a nine-month-old baby girl named Lavender. Before Lavender was born, the couple experienced three miscarriages.

"You go to a very lonely sad place and it took my wife and I a lot of time [to] finally recover," Britt said.

To help them heal, they created a memorial in their yard for the babies they never got to know.

"Our daughter, Ava Marie, who we lost, we got the rose bush for," Britt said.

The lawn ornament is for the two boys, Sammy and Jimmy Lee.

"My wife found these angels, these two angels playing, online, and she's like, 'It's perfect,'" Britt said.

Six months later, the angels don't look perfect anymore.

"She's like, 'The statue is smashed.' I was like 'What?' She goes, 'Go outside and look.' And the statue is smashed," Britt said. "They busted arms off, legs off."

The destruction happened at night. Before Britt saw the damaged angels, he noticed scratches on his truck.

"It's not about the truck," he said. "It's just an object. It's got no value compared to what's for my kids."

Britt now shares a message with whoever is responsible.

"I'm not angry with you guys," he said. "I hope nothing bad happens to you but I just hope you know shame and guilt from doing this and you guys see this, you know, and maybe you guys can learn not to do a stupid mistake again."

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