It has been a bit of a busy  week so far. Helping some fellow artist with mastering tracks in the studio, and being sick which let me tell you makes doing work in a studio 100 times more fun NOT! I haven't had a whole lot of time to work on some new tracks with all the craziness going on. So my plan over the next couple weeks is to get some new tracks backbone at least laid out, and help fellow label mate Paranoid Schizophrenic with some of his mixing, and master for his debut album coming out in the spring. It is cool to be sitting on the outside looking in as another artist's track comes to life. It is cool because as a musician we normally see the song in our head, or hear it and bring it to life. Not being able to see or hear what another artist is on their own song, but watching the track come to life is pretty cool to just sit back and watch.
     I do have some great news. The Epilepsy Awareness page on Facebook is going to start sharing my story of being an artist with epilepsy to kids. To show them that even though you may live with epilepsy you can still achieve your dreams. I have always tried to be the best role model for my own son, but to have someone want to share your story with other people to inspire them to keep going is something else. I have always taken it as an honor to be a role model to my son. I am also taking my story being shared with younger people living with epilepsy as a large honor also.

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