Forgive me ahead of time because this blog is going to be bouncing all over the place. Right now I have 34 songs in the works with all the ideas, and stuff running through my head. Alone today I have been working on 3 of them, and will be recording draft guitars so the vocalist can practice parts to them. True recording will begin after the holidays.

     Papa John's gave away 2 million pizzas, but says they can't afford basic healthcare for employees. Just to clear things no I am not some insane liberal. I hate all politicians. I think they're all slimy. I think they're more shady then the slimiest used car salesman. So don't try to give me that crap.

     Okay I am still kind of on a tangent about what happened after I got my finger sewed back together. The whole hospital sterile tools being made in Pakistan is really starting to bother me. You pay quite a bit for insurance when you can afford it (don't even get me started on health insurance companies), and even with insurance you pay out the ass for doctor, and hospital stuff yet they are using cheaply made crap from over seas

      Things got a little hectic during this past week. I ended up in the E.R. getting my finger sewn back together. I cut my right index finger down to the bone from joint to joint.

     I am not going to be doing shows until the spring, and I will be doing all new tracks. It has been a pretty crazy year with moving, moving the studio, getting married, and a couple other things going on. With all that going on I would not have had the focus or energy to be doing shows, working on the Christmas album, and working on the new album so I decided to break it down in pieces

     Okay after a couple recent happenings I deleted the blog I had ready to post, and had a couple things I wanted to post in this weeks blog instead because they really hit nerves, and I think need to be talked about

     I will say that getting a pet from a shelter or rescue group is one of the greatest things you can do, and you are giving that pet a second chance. There are a lot of abused, and abandoned animals out there, and if you are wanting a true pure bred there are hundreds of rescue groups for each breed type out there. Rescuing a pet is a great thing

      I hate to break it to you folks, but a lot of stuff on the news is bias, twisted, and is selected of a few parts.

     I try to normally stay out of religion and politics due to the fact that it can be a very taboo subject, but I am changing the pace on this one. I am sick, and tired of politics, and I am going to blow a gasket over it. How in the hell can we have these people running things? All they ever do is fight, and argue. Republicans blame it on the Democrats, and Independents. Democrats blame it on the Republicans, and Independents. Independents blame it on the Democrats, and Republicans. Get over yourselves people, and work together.

     I have had a few people want to know why I make the blogs personal instead of just sticking strictly on music stuff. Well, I add some personal stuff for a reason instead of just talking about nothing but music. I share a side of me because I want you guys to see, and know I am real. A real person with a real life. Not just somebody who only wants their fans to know strictly about music. I share a side of me so I can relate with all my fans which in all reality are just like friends. I am more than just a song or music. I am a real person. Why not share some to show you guys I am real?

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