This video is for all those lovely people who swear it's easy to buy a gun, anyone can buy a gun, and anyone can buy a gun off the internet.

This is just a short video I shot of Lucy playing her, and Phoenix 's favorite game which is peek a boo. If I am able to get a longer video of them doing it I will, but they like trying to play with the camera or phone when I start recording.

I have a new single dropping March 20th that  I'm really stoked about. It turned out a lot better then I expected, and I love it. If you guys wants to check it out it is on SoundCloud right now, and will be going up on Spotify, ITunes, Amazon, and all those other places this month!

Very often people over look the importance of shoes in a survival, and bushcraft situation.

Something I have never understood in all my years is how women can go shoe shopping for hours, and never come back wit a pair of shoes. That or they take 4 hours to decide on one pair of shoes.

Nails are a very important part of Flamenco guitar. They are just as important as the guitar when it comes down to actually playing true traditional Flamenco.

Just a couple 15 second videos of Phoenix refusing to come out of his cage until he got some good loving.

Some turd bootleg sampled one of my tracks off of Tears of Rain, put it on you tube with the sample, and then filed a copyright violation against me.

Gizmo one of our Goffin Cockatoos got busted climbing the curtains then tried acting cute so he didn't get in trouble.

I have had quiet a few emails, and request to start doing videos on homesteading, prepping, bushcraft, outdoors, and redneck stuff so this is the intro. I will post new videos every Thursday.

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