I haven't been able to get videos posted for the past 2 weeks because I've been sick. This video goes into detail of what has been going on that jas prevented me from sharing awesome videos with you guys.

I got really sick this past week, and actually ended up in the ER. Monday we should be back on track with all the videos. I do apologize, but I couldn't help getting real sick, and ending up in the ER.

Okay I didn't get any videos posted over the past week. I have been sick, and getting tests and crap done. They will pick back up Monday. Sorry guys, but couldn't help being sick.

6/27/16 Update: With everything that has been going on with my heart I haven't kept everythiing up to date with all the doctors. I will have the tabs posted by the ened of the week, and more videos coming ASAP>


Okay I finally got feeling back in my left hand a few days ago from the hunting accident so I decided to just post some simple Chromatic exercises for you guys to work on for the next couple weeks. Thank you so much for hanging in there as my left hand heals.


I share some insight into the personality of a Blue & Gold Macaw for those considering one as a companion bird. I love our Lucy dearly, and she is a sweet heart, and a goofball. So sit back, watch the video, and learn something as me and this goofy girl talk about the personality of the amazing Blue & Gold Macaw.

I discuss why you should squirrel hunt as a hunter, and the importance of squirrels in a survival situation.

This video is for all those lovely people who swear it's easy to buy a gun, anyone can buy a gun, and anyone can buy a gun off the internet.

This is just a short video I shot of Lucy playing her, and Phoenix 's favorite game which is peek a boo. If I am able to get a longer video of them doing it I will, but they like trying to play with the camera or phone when I start recording.

I have a new single dropping March 20th that  I'm really stoked about. It turned out a lot better then I expected, and I love it. If you guys wants to check it out it is on SoundCloud right now, and will be going up on Spotify, ITunes, Amazon, and all those other places this month!

Very often people over look the importance of shoes in a survival, and bushcraft situation.

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