It is official starting today a portion of all sales, and money from shows will be donated to the Epilepsy Foundation. This is not limited for just a week or a month, but is a permanent action that will continue to happen off of every sale and every show played. This includes not just the sales off of the website, but also sales off of Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, and the many other places that you are able to purchase Freedom And Forgiven's music from. The Epilepsy Foundation has done a lot for me in the past, and this is my way of giving back, and helping out a very underfunded foundation. Now when you purchase music from Freedom And Forgiven you will also be helping a charity.

     Rock U Fest was an awesome show. There was 40 bands, 3 stages, and a portion of all the proceeds went to help wounded soldiers and the families of fallen soldiers.

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