Well first, and foremost I would like to say that on 4/28/12 I got engaged to an amazing woman, and we will be getting married in June 15th. We have a long history, and she was my very first girlfriend when I was 12, and my very first kiss. We ended up bumping into each other on Facebook about 2 years ago, talked for a year, and then after a year started dating. Kind of crazy who would have thought that 18 years later I would be marrying my first girlfriend ever. Especially after not even knowing or talking to each other for over 16 years.

     Okay I am starting this blog off a bit different. I am starting this one off with a challenge to YOU, and all my friends (you're not fans your friends). I challenge you for the next two weeks do a random act of kindness each day to a stranger. Just a simple random act of kindness opening a door for someone, helping someone pick something up they dropped, giving the person behind you a grocery cart before you grab yours.

     I have to give a shout out, and a big support to Teen Advocates For Epilepsy. These guys are doing something amazing. Teens with epilepsy face a lot of hard times. To have a group of teens out there like this is astounding

     I have been getting a lot of feedback from people on some of the videos shot about my story of living with Epilepsy, and I am glad it has helped fellow people living with Epilepsy stay strong. One response I got from a fellow person living with Epilepsy was "Thanks for educating the public on a couple of key points. What you do helps to make my life better. Thanks." which is good to know. I have had people who did not know much about Epilepsy say things suck as "I didn't know it was quite as common as you said.", "You have my admiration, man.", and "You know, I do admire you though, for being determined to live a normal life. You have to do it.".

     Okay I have a bunch of new videos posted on the site. Some of them on sharing more of my story of living with epilepsy, a couple about my recent hospital stay, and a slide show video for one of my songs off of Return To The Grave.

     Okay I had kind of a ruff week this past week. First off getting some pain in the but news from some doctors first thing Monday.

     First wanted to say we got the first of several video blogs to come. So if you haven't hopped over to the video page, and checked it out you really should.

     Pretty much about the time I started waking up from the anesthesia from the scope they were knocking me back out for the surgery. I am back home now, but won't be able to really pick up a guitar for a few days so I will be doing more programming, and promoting the next few days. Well I will post the weekly blog in a couple days. Never give in, never give up.

     Now I want to share a little something for Valentine's Day. Though in a lot of ways it has been made more into a commercial holiday I figured I would share a little something from my history of love, and relationships.

Always remember. Never give in, never give up.

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