In this video I explain an old technique of using old animal heads to chum in large amounts of fish. If you're needing to fill the freezer fast or have a stunted pond this technique will also work for you. Make sure that you check all your local regulations before doing this ESPECIALLY ON PUBLIC PROPERTY!!!

Lucy our Blue & Gold Macaw being her goofy self, and playing.

Things have been hectic lately, and a have fallen behind on some stuff. It's time to just be straight up honest with everyone. It sucks, and it's serious, but it is time for the truth.

There has been a lot going on lately so to relieve a little stress me, and a buddy went to do some target practice. The camera kept screwing up during recording but I'm shooting a Ruger .44 Rem Mag that is older then me lol. It's a blast to shoot, but if you're not used to hard recoiling firearms it's going to be a bit grueling. Next time we will take the SPAS 12 out.

Phoenix our rare Camilla Macaw decided we was going to try, and preen my eyebrows by pulling them off my face.

Lucy our Blue & Gold Macaw playing, amd being the goof ball she is

Okay finally after all the craziness with my heart we are back on track with videos. This one I go over selecting a Metronome, and the importance of practicing with one. Too many new guitarist start out practicing without using one, and it will show through your playing over tine, and can make keeping a steady rhythm very difficult if you're not used to practicing with a steady rhythm

I haven't been able to get videos posted for the past 2 weeks because I've been sick. This video goes into detail of what has been going on that jas prevented me from sharing awesome videos with you guys.

I got really sick this past week, and actually ended up in the ER. Monday we should be back on track with all the videos. I do apologize, but I couldn't help getting real sick, and ending up in the ER.

Okay I didn't get any videos posted over the past week. I have been sick, and getting tests and crap done. They will pick back up Monday. Sorry guys, but couldn't help being sick.

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