Okay I have been way behind on stuff lately. Been working on new material, doing shows, and having problems with my seizures so things have been crazy. I am going to get back on doing the blogs every week though. Things have been kind of nuts with shows. The last show I did was kind of messed up with a lot of crazy stuff going on, but things ended up turning out for the show, and night anyway. The new material is coming along well. I have a couple songs in the works that I am quite stoked about working on. One of which is a remix of Is This What You Want. I going to try, and get a new song up in the next few weeks. FreedomAndForgiven will not be doing any shows for the next couple months due because I want to come out with all new material. I am taking an old approach to song writing that I used when I was playing in various other bands, and just like the sound and feel of how the songs are coming out. We are also starting work on a FreedomAndForgiven Christmas album which is going to be a lot of fun. Social Sniper will be adding into the mix on a lot of tracks on the Christmas album also. I think it is going to be pretty cool doing a dance Christmas album. You always hear rock bands, classical, pop, and country bands doing Christmas music but never really electronic musicians or producers. I do have some other very cool surprises coming up in the next few weeks also. 2012 is going to be a huge year for FreedomAndForgiven. Hope you all have a good week, and I will chat with you soon. Don't forget to leave some love on the guestbook  

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