Okay first, and foremost I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or other holiday that you celebrate, and hopefully you all have a safe New Year's. Things have been busy on the FreedomAndForgiven front. Right now 6 songs are in the works with more to come. I am also looking at doing an interesting remix of an old track, and one of the new tracks in the works. All the new tracks are at a lot faster tempo then has been used on the past two albums, and all the new tracks run at that tempo. Full blown dance, and rave tempo with a lot more synth, and drum programming like Tears Of Rain, but of course laden with guitars. The tracks also have a lot more complex guitar parts then I have used in awhile which is making it interesting writing the guitar parts, and making sure they are down tight (picture 8th notes, and triplets at 140 beats per minute). Things should be interesting in 2012, and hopefully no hospital stays in the new years along with no new surgeries. Hey I made it through 2011 without having to get any surgeries, but did have a couple hospital stays including one that was almost a week long. The lighting show will pick up at shows as there are new lights that will be arriving in the next couple weeks also. Well time to get back to work on the new tracks so we can start working on the vocals in the next few days.


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