As we move closer to you creating your first load one of the important things we need to discuss is the types of shot. There are a few materials used for shot for shotguns. They are Lead (which has several different types), Bismuth (a non toxic shot), Steel (a non toxic shot), and the pile driver of non toxic shot Hevi-Shot.

Now when picking out your first initial shotgun press you need to keep it as simple, and basic as possible until you truly get the hang of things. A single stage press is going to be your best bet as you manually move the shell from station to station, and have total control of what is going on, and can see what is done every step of the way. The two main single stage presses that are great for beginners and old timers still use them are the Lee Load All II, and the MEC 600 Jr. Mark V.

In this video I discuss how you must be extremely careful with what foods you give your parrots or should even bring into your house.

So we are back into the survival videos, and this one addresses the most important piece of reloading equipment you will ever own, and the first piece of reloading equipment you will ever own.

The two videos on how to choose the right Macaw.

Vandals hit our memorial for the children my wife, and I have lost. The local news station did a short story on it.

As an introduction to shotgun reloading in this video I discuss the reasons to reload for shotgun, and the cost effectiveness of reloading. As the video series progresses I will get more into detail over the how, and why of reloading including presses, powders, wads, shot, and buffer.

I have not posted any videos or released any music for awhile, and wanted to share what all was going on.

Most people when they think of service animals or therapy animals think of dogs. I don't think the general population would never think of a parrot as a service or therapy animal. Not so as I discuss this very topic in detail, and with my own personal experiences.

Hey everyone thanks for checking out this week's video. This one is on the personality of hybrid macaws, and I have Phoenix helping me out. 

If you like my videos please check out my music across the Web at all major retailers, and streaming services. Just search FreedomAndForgiven

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